About us

35mm is a Youtube Channel from the production house of Sencia Studios. A Entertainment production company involved in taking the level of Entertainment to next level by publishing it own sources of Videos and contents.

Sencia Studios is a part of a W&WW Technologies Group.

Vision is same as our mother company W&WW Technologies, Most part of the revenue generated from this channel will be used for the welfare of the poor on their educational requirements and medical aids. The company stands on it own CSR activities through this social media at present funded by the mother company W&WW Technologies.


Amongst all his businesses SENCIA STUDIOS has been started with a passion of contribution to Cinema and Entertainment industry.

His Vision in Sencia Studios is to give a quality entertainment, always focusing to identify the best talents and support them to explore possibilities of growth they deserve.

He always says “Supporting a talented Artist is like growing a Tree in a forest, it’s hard to make them grow; challenging the obstacles, once it grows it will definitely give shelter to all who pass by”

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